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At Work

Issue 90

Fall 2017

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Lead Standing too long at work carries twice the risk of heart disease as sitting too long

Workers who stand on the job most of the time are at greater risk of heart disease than workers who predominantly sit

Sidebar Setting the record straight

Tackling three common misconceptions about the implications of IWH's prolonged standing study

Standard article Many questions need examining to establish effects of legalized cannabis on work safety

Co-authors of pending systematic review on central nervous system agents outline what we know — and don’t — about OHS implications of legalized cannabis

Standard article Young adults with chronic conditions often struggle to access workplace supports

Study of people with arthritis finds younger workers face distinct challenges requesting accommodation

Standard article Workers with disabilities report greater hazard exposure and lower protection

OHS vulnerability study finds people with disabilities report inadequate policies and low empowerment

What researchers mean by... bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is a statistical technique for determining how confident we can be in the findings of a study

News IWH Updates

  • Dr. Monica Bienefeld joins IWH as new director of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange
  • Institute’s 2016 Annual Report highlights stories of workplace change
  • IWH’s plenary series gets a new name in 2018