An overview of IWH's Five-year Strategic Research Plan

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Ben Amick
Senior Scientist
Institute for Work & Health

Institute Scientific Director Dr. Benjamin Amick will outline the research directions of the Institute for Work & Health as outlined in our Five-year Strategic Research Plan. He will also invite discussion about the plan.

In developing the plan, Institute scientific staff aimed to respond to the needs of its partner organizations and agencies in Ontario, while maintaining the visionary research excellence associated with the Institute as a world-class applied-research organization. The research plan has also been shaped by the interplay of scientific and knowledge transfer and exchange principles within the Institute.

The three strategic research priorities in the plan reaffirm the Institute’s commitment to both occupational health and safety research relevant to Ontario workers and workplaces today, and to leading-edge research needed to answer the policy questions of tomorrow.

In developing this five-year plan, Institute scientists have highlighted the importance of our Foundation Research Programs. These programs represent a commitment to international excellence in systematic reviews, measurement theory and methods, statistics, and research use by Ontario’s prevention and health-care system partners.

The plenary will highlight the scientific directions of the IWH over the next five years, and provide an overview of the three research priorities. These priorities include:

Research Priority 1: To generate, synthesize and share knowledge on work and health related to:

  • the changing nature of work and the workforce
  • occupational health and safety and disability policy systems
  • workplace policies, programs and practices
  • work disability trajectories
  • health-care policies, programs and practices.

Research Priority 2: Develop and evaluate interventions and methods for understanding, implementing and monitoring evidence-based change to improve work and health.

Research Priority 3: Continue to improve analytic, measurement and evidence synthesis methods in work and health research.

About presenter

Photo of Ben Amick

Dr. Benjamin C. Amick III is a senior scientist at the Institute for Work & Health. He is also chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work at Florida International University in Miami.

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