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Developing a new screening tool of psychosocial hazards No. 94, Fall
Slight improvements seen in workplace psychosocial conditions over 10 years No. 94, Fall
Sex/gender analysis: Are risks of violence at work higher for men or women? It depends on type of violence No. 93, Summer
Sex/gender analysis: Links between psychosocial work factors and stress not always as expected No. 93, Summer
Sex/gender analysis: Gender study finds overwork linked to higher risks of diabetes in women, not men No. 93, Summer
What research can do: IWH estimate of societal costs helps Ottawa make case for asbestos ban No. 93, Summer
IWH study estimates costs of non-melanoma skin cancers due to sun exposure at work No. 92, Spring
Workplace facilities and environments can help workers exercise during off-hours No. 92, Spring
Violence prevention efforts face challenges despite commitment from hospital leaders No. 92, Spring
Standing too long at work carries twice the risk of heart disease as sitting too long No. 90, Fall
Many questions need examining to establish effects of legalized cannabis on work safety No. 90, Fall
Workers with disabilities report greater hazard exposure and lower protection No. 90, Fall
Study on prolonged standing and heart disease: Setting the record straight No. 90, Fall
Study update: New cases of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer from one year cost $2.35B No. 90, Fall
Therapy can help manage depression, but in Manitoba, access to therapists is a concern No. 89, Summer
Researcher on health risks of sedentary life shifts focus to workplace interventions No. 88, Spring
New cases of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer in one year cost $1.9B No. 85, Summer
'Too much standing hurts, too' No. 85, Summer
PREMUS 2016 brings together MSD prevention scientists and practitioners to share evidence No. 85, Summer
Disability leave duration rises with age, chronic conditions No. 85, Summer
Depressive symptoms common in first 12 months after work injury No. 83, Winter
PREMUS 2016 keynote speakers tackle leading-edge issues in MSD prevention No. 83, Winter
Distinct types of OHS vulnerability seen in young, temporary, small business employees No. 82, Fall
Injured shift workers report poorer health outcomes than injured day workers: study No. 82, Fall
IWH study in construction sector suggests unionized firms are safer No. 82, Fall