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Cannabis use linked to higher injury risk, but only among those who use at or before work
In most sectors, workplaces saw lower COVID transmission rates than in the community No. 106, Fall
For a segment of the workforce, psychosocial working conditions are poor across the board No. 106, Fall
What’s connecting the global OHS community? Five things heard at the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work No. 106, Fall
Unemployment benefits linked to lower mortality rates over 10 years: IWH study No. 106, Fall
Emerging evidence points to negative health effects of physical work demands No. 105, Summer
Costs of providing UV ray protection at job sites outweighed by averted skin cancers No. 104, Spring
Nine trends that will likely shape future of work for groups of vulnerable workers No. 104, Spring
Having depression leads to lower earnings over 10 years: study No. 104, Spring
Precarity more likely for older, new workers with disabilities No. 103, Winter
What research can do: Workplace COVID outbreaks reported by Ontario public health account for one in 20 cases in working-age adults No. 103, Winter
At-work cannabis use linked to work factors, including some not expected: IWH study No. 103, Winter
Impact of COVID, and signs of progress, in the spotlight at disabilities and work conference No. 103, Winter
Union firms have lower lost-time claim rates, study in ICI construction confirms No. 103, Winter
Rapid COVID-19 testing a potential game-changer in worker protection No. 102, Fall
Adequacy of COVID infection control and PPE linked to workers’ mental health: study No. 102, Fall
Socioeconomic gaps in early mortality widening over two decades: study No. 102, Fall
What research can do: Estimating the role of workplaces in COVID-19 transmissions No. 101, Summer
Understanding challenges in hospitals’ workplace violence reporting systems No. 101, Summer
Anxiety levels among health-care workers during COVID-19 linked to inadequate PPE No. 100, Spring
Supporting settlement agencies to raise OHS awareness among newcomers No. 100, Spring
Coronavirus: The risks to essential workers with hidden health conditions No. 100, Spring
At-work use of cannabis reported by 1 in 12 workers—no change since legalization No. 100, Spring
What research can do: IWH newcomer training resource sees uptake by various groups in Canada No. 99, Winter
Estimating the societal costs of work injuries and illnesses in five EU countries No. 99, Winter