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Article Issue
Developing a new screening tool of psychosocial hazards No. 94, Fall
Calculating the costs of employers’ work-related injury prevention efforts in Ontario No. 94, Fall
Violence prevention efforts face challenges despite commitment from hospital leaders No. 92, Spring
Workplace facilities and environments can help workers exercise during off-hours No. 92, Spring
What research can do: OHS change model informs WSPS’s approach to small businesses No. 92, Spring
Embedding essential skills training in OHS lessons can boost learning: study No. 92, Spring
IWH’s new guide on supporting workers with depression integrates research with practice No. 92, Spring
Examining forepersons’ safety leadership and other indicators of safety climate No. 91, Winter
Standing too long at work carries twice the risk of heart disease as sitting too long No. 90, Fall
Study on prolonged standing and heart disease: Setting the record straight No. 90, Fall
IWH study examines effect of Ontario’s mandatory OHS training on awareness No. 89, Summer
Therapy can help manage depression, but in Manitoba, access to therapists is a concern No. 89, Summer
Developing a contextual understanding of systematic review findings in OHS No. 89, Summer
Long-term care home sees safety culture change after participatory ergonomics study No. 88, Spring
IWH work on provincial review supports new mining safety culture and systems audit tool No. 88, Spring
OHS vulnerability as defined by IWH tool linked to self-reported injury rates No. 87, Winter
Employers wanted for study on OHS spending No. 87, Winter
Ontario utility continues to benefit years after joining participatory ergonomics study No. 86, Fall
Vulnerability survey helps employer assess worker OHS awareness, empowerment No. 86, Fall
Employers that focus on both operations and safety don’t have to sacrifice either No. 85, Summer
Eight safety leading indicators for the construction worksite No. 85, Summer
PREMUS 2016 brings together MSD prevention scientists and practitioners to share evidence No. 85, Summer
Forceful repetition a carpal tunnel risk factor No. 85, Summer
Understanding MSDs with sex/gender lens No. 85, Summer
OPM follow-up questions now available to help firms act on leading indicator scores No. 84, Spring