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Safer work practices, lower injury rates maintained two years after Ontario’s working-at-heights training came into effect: study
IWH researchers create roadmap for AI research that prioritizes worker health No. 113, Summer
What research can do: Scanning how OHS authorities responded to the pandemic No. 106, Fall
What’s connecting the global OHS community? Five things heard at the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work No. 106, Fall
Inadequate employment standards, OHS vulnerability add to higher injury risks No. 105, Summer
Costs of providing UV ray protection at job sites outweighed by averted skin cancers No. 104, Spring
What research can do: Workplace COVID outbreaks reported by Ontario public health account for one in 20 cases in working-age adults No. 103, Winter
COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities in OHS and social security highlighted at global session No. 102, Fall
What research can do: IWH collaboration with partners led to safety culture and system audit tool No. 96, Spring
World Congress 2020, a global forum on emerging OHS issues, coming to Toronto No. 96, Spring
Ontario’s working-at-heights training led to safer practices, reduced injury claims rates No. 96, Spring
Progress seen in occupational disease prevention, but data still lacking: speaker No. 95, Winter
What research can do: SAFE Work Manitoba incorporates IWH tool into safety culture framework No. 95, Winter
Violence prevention efforts face challenges despite commitment from hospital leaders No. 92, Spring
Many questions need examining to establish effects of legalized cannabis on work safety No. 90, Fall
IWH study examines effect of Ontario’s mandatory OHS training on awareness No. 89, Summer
Study finds COR employers have lower rates of serious injuries than those not in program No. 84, Spring
Qualitative systematic review highlights new regulatory, implementation issues in OHS No. 82, Fall
Inspections with penalties linked to lower injuries: IWH review No. 81, Summer
Nachemson lecturer shared lessons from 20 years of tracking impact at NIOSH No. 79, Winter
OHS champion has pivotal role in breakthrough change: study No. 76, Spring
Nachemson lecture: Research partnering with policy for data access the way forward No. 75, Winter
Alternative paradigm proposed for health and safety system No. 71, Winter
Reducing presenteeism through workplace health promotion programs No. 67, Winter
IWH provides expertise to Ministry of Labour panel No. 62, Fall