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Telementoring program helps doctors and other frontline health-care providers handle challenging return-to-work cases No. 113, Summer
IWH hosts new program to mentor Ontario’s frontline doctors in occupational medicine No. 105, Summer
Cochrane back group earns high praise for its rigorous systematic reviews No. 102, Fall
IWH review outlines promising strategies to prevent prescribed opioid abuse No. 94, Fall
Studies consistent in finding a link between opioids for MSDs and longer work disability No. 91, Winter
New World Health Organization guidelines on rehabilitation tap into Institute synthesis No. 88, Spring
DASH developers credit groundwork and ongoing support for measure’s 20-year success No. 84, Spring
New review finds motor control exercise reduces low-back pain, disability among sufferers No. 83, Winter
Newly adopted productivity measures help people with arthritis stay at work No. 77, Summer
Building an understanding of back pain, a common but poorly understood condition No. 74, Fall
IWH research now has two new “applications” No. 73, Summer
Fast but finite: Complementary and alternative therapies No. 67, Winter
Hot off the presses...and into the hands of practitioners No. 67, Winter
Health-Care Rx: Reducing work absences among Canadian nurses No. 66, Fall
The crystal ball: Predicting return to work following low-back pain No. 66, Fall
The "watchful dose": Supporting doctors in the effort to reduce the harms of opioid prescribing No. 65, Summer
Relationship trouble: The role of health-care providers in complex workers’ compensation claims No. 64, Spring
Five easy pieces: Easy-to-use tool helps predict back-pain outcomes No. 64, Spring
Research findings from CARWH conference now online No. 61, Summer
Evidence summary shows what works in treating neck pain No. 61, Summer
New Canadian guideline released on opioid use for chronic non-cancer pain No. 61, Summer
Leading work-health researchers to attend Toronto conference No. 60, Spring
Exploring complex issues to find return-to-work answers No. 59, Winter
Massage relieves, but does not cure, chronic low-back pain No. 53, Summer
Activity is key to recovery, leading low-back pain researcher says No. 51, Winter