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What research can do: Following reports by IWH and others, B.C. strengthens protections against claim suppression No. 113, Summer
Telementoring program helps doctors and other frontline health-care providers handle challenging return-to-work cases No. 113, Summer
IWH study finds 7 in 10 injured workers still experience pain more than a year after injury No. 110, Fall
What research can do: IWH input contributes to enhancement of WSIB’s Health and Safety Index No. 108, Spring
Over a third of work-related ER visits in Ontario don’t show up as WSIB claims No. 107, Winter
What research can do: IWH safety culture tool used in WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program No. 107, Winter
Poor interactions with case managers linked with risk of mental illness later on No. 107, Winter
Study probes factors behind poorer health, lower employment in injured workers’ post-claim experience No. 106, Fall
Unemployment benefits linked to lower mortality rates over 10 years: IWH study No. 106, Fall
IWH hosts new program to mentor Ontario’s frontline doctors in occupational medicine No. 105, Summer
Claim suppression study in B.C. finds under-claiming of work injury to be common No. 104, Spring
COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities in OHS and social security highlighted at global session No. 102, Fall
Workers exposed to common hazards more likely to report their injuries: IWH study No. 101, Summer
Poorer post-injury experiences lead to worse RTW outcomes for psychological claimants No. 99, Winter
Strategy launched for greater workforce inclusion of people with disabilities No. 99, Winter
What research can do: IWH researchers help MPs examine episodic disabilities and work issues No. 98, Fall
Claimants’ perceptions of fair treatment linked to lower odds of poor mental health No. 98, Fall
Progress seen in occupational disease prevention, but data still lacking: speaker No. 95, Winter
Seeking broad input on a pan-Canadian strategy to improve work choices for people with disabilities No. 95, Winter
Family members play important but unacknowledged role in injury aftermath No. 91, Winter
National conference on disability and work offered sweeping overview of complex issues No. 91, Winter
Proving mental illness diagnosis, duration a challenge for income support programs No. 89, Summer
New World Health Organization guidelines on rehabilitation tap into Institute synthesis No. 88, Spring
Health professionals report uncertainty over roles in RTW of workers with complex injuries No. 87, Winter
Work disability research centre supports the development of new standard, and more No. 86, Fall