Dr. Robyn O'Loughlin

Mitacs Post-Doctoral Fellow
PhD, Legal Studies, Carleton University
Staff email

Robyn O’Loughlin is a Mitacs Elevate post-doctoral fellow at the Enhancing the Prevention of Injury and Disability @ Work Research Institute (EPID@Work) at Lakehead University, in partnership with the Institute for Work & Health.

O’Loughlin received her PhD in legal studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ont. She earned her MEd specializing in women’s studies and BA (honours) in gerontology and women’s studies from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont.

O’Loughlin’s research portfolio focuses on the impact of anti-bullying laws on Indigenous students. At EPID@Work, O'Loughlin broadened her focus to include bullying in the workplace, specifically focusing on First Nations workers. For her post-doctoral research, O'Loughlin is employing qualitative and quantitative methods to explore amendments to the Canada Labour Code that came into force in January 2021 and are intended to address and prevent all forms of harassment and violence in federally regulated workplaces. O'Loughlin is interested in understanding the experiences of federal workers around bullying and harassment, the way negative behaviour is labelled in the workplace, and under which circumstances an investigation occurs under the Canada Labour Code.

Photo of Robyn O'Loughlin