Workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to workers injured in the course of their employment. Eligibility for, and awarding of, benefits to injured workers are determined by workers’ compensation boards, which are funded through employer premiums. IWH research focuses on trends in workers’ compensation benefits, their adequacy and equity, and their effects on workers.

Journal article
Journal article

Language accommodations in workers' compensation: comparing Ontario and Quebec

Published: New Solutions, January 2022
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Journal article

Age differences in work-disability duration across Canada: examining variations by follow-up time and context

Published: Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, June 2021
Journal article
Journal article
Journal article

Examining the impact of occupational health and safety vulnerability on injury claim reporting in three Canadian provinces

Published: American Journal of Industrial Medicine, February 2020
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‘Nothing like it in the world’: Should Canada adopt New Zealand’s approach to supporting victims?

After New Zealand's prime minister pledges to financially support the recovery of survivors of a deadly mosque attack, Global News journalist Jane Gerster talks to Institute for Work & Health president Dr. Cam Mustard about the distinct features of New Zealand's no-fault insurance scheme.
Published: Global News, March 2019
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Issue Briefing

Measuring the adequacy of workers’ compensation benefits in Ontario: An update

In 2011, an IWH Issue Briefing summed up research on the adequacy of earnings replacement benefits for injured workers with permanent impairments in Ontario and B.C. This update looks at more recent cohorts, after major changes in Ontario’s workers’ compensation legislation.
Published: March 2016
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Workers’ comp benefits keep poverty low among permanently impaired workers and their families, study by IWH finds

Ambitious study of earnings of injured and non-injured workers over 10 years finds benefits play important role in reducing poverty among permanently impaired
Published: August 2015