At Work 87 (Winter 2017)

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Effective workplace return-to-work interventions are multi-faceted: IWH review

Two's better than one. Three's better than two. According to a systematic review, workplace return-to-work programs are more effective when they offer different types of interventions, cutting across different domains.
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OHS vulnerability as defined by IWH tool linked to self-reported injury rates

So you've answered 27 questions on the OHS Vulnerability Measure. What does your score say about your injury risk?
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Health professionals report uncertainty over roles in RTW of workers with complex injuries

Case managers and health-care professionals share their thoughts about doctors' role in the workers' compensation system.
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Paper on aging and MSDs draws on WHO framework

CRE-MSD position paper by IWH researchers draws on the World Health Organization's framework on healthy aging to prevent MSDs among older workers.
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Employers wanted for study on OHS spending

How much do Ontario employers spend on OHS? You can help IWH find the answer.
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IWH Updates

Dr. Kim Cullen appointed IWH associate scientist ~ New video on DASH Outcome Measure looks at reasons for its continued popularity ~ IWH recruiting for study on employer supports for workers with depression