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Current annual report

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Typically released in the fall of every year, the Institute for Work & Health (IWH)’s Annual Report takes a look back at the previous fiscal year. The report includes a theme-based narrative on the fiscal year’s research and knowledge transfer and exchange activities, a look at the year in numbers, and the report of the independent auditor based on its annual review of the Institute’s financial statements.

The 2022/23 Annual Report, titled What’s Next, recognizes that workers, employers and policy-makers are paying attention to the opportunities and threats that technological, economic and social forces present to worker health, safety and inclusion. IWH researchers, too, are paying attention to X factors and preparing for what’s next. The annual report highlights selected IWH projects in 2022/23 and where they are going next. It also shares some of the many testimonials the Institute received over the year about the impact of IWH research.

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Past annual reports

Cover of annual report
2021/22: Looking Across Time
Annual Report 2020-21 cover
2020/21: Taking Stock
Annual report 2019/20 cover
2019/20: Disruption
Annual report 2018/19 cover
2018/19: What Research Can Do
Annual report 2017 cover
2017: The Big Issues
Annual report 2016 cover
2016: Supporting Change in Workplaces
Annual report 2015 cover
2015: Twenty Five Years of Making a Difference
Annual report 2014 cover
2014: Promoting a Culture of Occupational Health and Safety
Annual report 2013 cover
2013: The Changing Nature of Work and the Workforce
Annual report 2012 cover
2012: Vulnerable Workers
Annual report 2011 cover
2011: Engagement
Annual report 2010 cover
2010: Informing Policy
Annual report 2009 cover
2009: The Systematic Review Program: Solutions
Annual report 2008 cover
2008: Impact
Annual report 2007 cover
2007: Achieving Together
Annual report 2006 cover
2006: Evidence at Work
Annual report 2005 cover
2005: Protecting the health of healthcare workers
Annual report 2004 cover
2004: Dedicated to Change
Annual report 2003 cover
2003: Keeping Pace with Change
Annual report 2002 cover
2002: Pursuing Our Vision
Annual report 2001 cover
2001: Building Healthier Workplaces
Annual report 2000 cover
2000: Research of the Working World
Annual report 1999 cover
1999: The world of work has changed dramatically since 1913...
Annual report 1998 cover
1998: The Modern World of Work: Finding New Solutions to New Workplace Problems

Current accomplishments report

Accomplishments report 2022-23 cover

Each year, the Institute for Work & Health publishes an Accomplishments Report. This report summarizes the research and knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) projects and activities undertaken at the Institute in the previous fiscal year. The report provides an update on the status of research, KTE and communications projects and activities, and also lists the publications, grants, awards, collaborators and staff in the previous year.

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Past accomplishments reports

2020-21 Accomplishments report cover
Accomplishments report 2020-21
2019-20 Accomplishments report cover
Accomplishments report 2019-20
Accomplishments report 2018-19 cover
Accomplishments report 2018-19
Accomplishments report 2017 cover
Accomplishments report 2017
Accomplishments report 2016 cover
Accomplishments report 2016
Accomplishments report 2015 cover
Accomplishments report 2015
Accomplishments report 2014 cover
Accomplishments report 2014
Accomplishments report 2013 cover
Accomplishments report 2013
Accomplishments report 2012 cover
Accomplishments report 2012
Accomplishments report 2011 cover
Accomplishments report 2011
Accomplishments report 2010 cover
Accomplishments report 2010
Accomplishments report 2009 cover
Accomplishments report 2009
Accomplishments report 2008 cover
Accomplishments report 2008
Accomplishments report 2007 cover
Accomplishments report 2007
Accomplishments report 2005 cover
Accomplishments report 2005
Accomplishments report 2004 cover
Accomplishments report 2004
Accomplishments report 2003 cover
Accomplishments report 2003

Current activity plan

Cover of Activity Plan 2023-24

Every year, the Institute for Work & Health puts together an Activity Plan detailing the research projects, as well as the knowledge transfer and exchange and communications activities, to be undertaken at the Institute in the coming year. For each project or activity, the plan outlines the rationale for undertaking it, its objectives, the researchers and partner organizations involved, its potential significance, and (if applicable) how it links to the prevention strategies of our core funder, the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development.

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Current strategic plan

Cover of IWH Strategic Plan, 2023-2027

Social, technological, environmental, economic and political forces are reshaping workplaces, changing work exposures and affecting the ability of workers to sustain healthy and productive work. For policy-makers, employers and workers, the need has never been greater for reliable and impartial information to help guide the way forward. 

The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) is committed to providing this information. The four strategic directions that will guide the Institute in producing and sharing work-and-health evidence are laid out in its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. This plan is the result of a year-long process that engaged stakeholders, members of the IWH Board of Directors and staff to take stock of IWH’s strengths and identify opportunities and priorities for the five-year period.

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