Knowledge transfer and exchange

Knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) is a process of exchange between researchers and knowledge users designed to make relevant research information available and accessible to stakeholders for use in decision-making about practices, programs and policies. The Institute for Work & Health was an early adopter of, and is now considered an expert in, integrated KTE practices to increase the relevance, reach and use of research.


How we do KTE

As much as possible, IWH takes an integrated approach to knowledge transfer and exchange. That means we involve stakeholders early in a research project to provide guidance on shaping the research question and to offer advice about the context in which research results are likely to be used. It also means we involve users of our research beyond individual projects through year-round stakeholder networks that allow for two-way communication about research findings and research needs. 


KTE resources

Since 1998, when research transfer was established as a core business at IWH alongside research, the Institute has been developing and sharing its expertise in knowledge transfer and exchange. This expertise has been documented in guides, journal articles, newsletter articles and presentations. These resources are available here for your use as a researcher, KTE practitioner and/or educator.