CONNECTing concussion care with research across Ontario

Publication type
Journal article
Hunt C, MacKenzie H, Dosaj A, Zych J, Tartaglia C, Bayley M, Wilcock R, Zabjek K, Burke M, Kristman VL
Date published
2024 Jan 01
Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
epub ahead of print
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Common data elements (CDEs) for concussion, as established by international bodies, are not being widely used in Ontario, resulting in significant variability in the data being assessed and collected across clinics. CDEs support standardization of care as well as large-scale data sharing for high impact research. A collaborative network - Concussion Ontario Network: Neuroinformatics to Enhance Clinical care and Translation (CONNECT) - comprised of health care professionals, researchers, members from advocacy groups, and patients was formed to establish and implement CDEs for concussion care and research. While the seeds have been planted and initial effectiveness demonstrated, future challenges exist