Continuation of telework in the post-pandemic era: healthcare employees' preference and determinants

Publication type
Journal article
Jones AM, Fan J, Thomas-Olson L, Zhang W, McLeod CB
Date published
2023 May 01
Healthcare Management FORUM
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Now in the post-pandemic era, healthcare employers and leaders must navigate decisions around use of telework arrangements made popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among healthcare employees who teleworked during the pandemic, this study investigates preference to continue teleworking post-pandemic and the determinants of this preference. An overwhelming majority (99%) preferred to continue teleworking to some degree and the majority (52%) preferred to telework for all work hours. Healthcare employers should consider that most employees who teleworked during the pandemic prefer to continue teleworking for most or all work hours, and that hybrid work arrangements are especially important for clinical telework employees. In addition to space and resource allocation, management considerations include supports to promote productivity, work-life balance, and effective virtual communication while teleworking to promote positive employee health, recruitment, and retention outcomes