Guidelines for conducting partnered research in applied psychology: an illustration from disability research in employment contexts

Publication type
Journal article
Fisher SL, Bonaccio S, Jetha A, Winkler M, Birch GE, Gignac MA
Date published
2022 Dec 01
Applied Psychology
epub ahead of print
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The partnered research method, used routinely in other fields, offers great potential to improve the quality and practical use of applied psychology research. Partnered research integrates the perspectives of researchers, knowledge users, people who have lived experience with the attributes being studied, and other stakeholders in all elements of the research process, from the creation and generation of research questions to the methods used, the data analyzed, and the dissemination, application, and implementation of research results. We explain the concept of partnered research and provide a step-by-step roadmap for applied psychology scholars interested in conducting partnered research. In doing so, we also address common challenges with this method and provide advice on how to overcome them. We embed our description of the partnered research approach primarily in the context of research on disabilities and work but also offer examples drawn from other areas of applied psychology.