Knowledge transfer and exchange in health and safety: a rapid review

Publication type
Journal article
Van Eerd D
Date published
2019 Jan 01
Policy and Practice in Health and Safety
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AbstractWorkplace injury and illness can be burdensome for workers and workplaces regardless of jurisdiction. The notion of research to practice is important in health and safety research. The objective of this article is to describe and synthesize the literature describing knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) approaches relevant to workplaces. A rapid review of the literature was done. Search strategies were run in eight electronic databases. Documents describing a KTE approach for workplaces were reviewed. Data related to key aspects of the KTE approach as well as conceptual guidance were extracted and synthesized. Literature searches revealed 34 documents that described 23 different KTE approaches designed to reach workplace audiences. Many KTE approaches were guided by conceptual frameworks. Common elements related to audience, activities and impact were found to guide future KTE approaches. Including workplace parties as an audience in a multi-faceted approach are important principles of KTE for health and safety