OMERACT consensus-based operational definition of contextual factors in rheumatology clinical trials: a mixed methods study

Publication type
Journal article
Nielsen SM, Boers M, de Wit M, Shea B, Van Der Windt DA, Reeves BC, Beaton DE, Toupin April K
Date published
2021 Apr 01
Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism
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OBJECTIVES: To develop an operational definition of contextual factors (CF) [1]. METHODS: Based on previously conducted interviews, we presented three CF types in a Delphi survey; Effect Modifying -, Outcome Influencing - and Measurement Affecting CFs. Subsequently, a virtual Special Interest Group (SIG) session was held for in depth discussion of Effect Modifying CFs. RESULTS: Of 161 Delphi participants, 129 (80%) completed both rounds. After two rounds, we reached consensus (>=70% agreeing) for all but two statements. The 45 SIG participants were broadly supportive. CONCLUSION: Through consensus we developed an operational definition of CFs, which was well received by OMERACT members