Organizational perspectives on how to successfully integrate health promotion activities into occupational health and safety

Publication type
Journal article
Biswas A, Begum M, Van Eerd D, Smith PM, Gignac MA
Date published
2021 Jan 01
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
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Objective: There is increasing recognition of the value of integrating efforts to promote worker health with existing occupational health and safety activities. This paper aimed to identify facilitators, barriers and recommendations for implementing integrated worker health approaches. Methods: Thirteen stakeholders from different job sectors participated in a workshop that targeted key issues underlying integrated worker health approaches in their own and other organizations. Included were participants from human resources, occupational health and safety, government, and unions. Thematic analysis and an online ranking exercise identified recommendation priorities and contributed to a conceptual framework. Results: Participants highlighted the importance of planning phases in addition to implementation and evaluation. Themes highlighted organizational priorities, leadership buy-in, external pressures, training, program promotion and evaluation metrics. Conclusions: Findings provide practical directions for integrating worker health promotion and safety and implementation steps.