Review and consultations of Canadian financial education programs for individuals with disabilities

Publication type
Journal article
Engel L, Rampling T, Brautigan EJ, Bazin T, Dilts K, Williams T, Dyck TM, Jack EM, Colquhoun H
Date published
2022 Oct 01
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy
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Background. Individuals or persons who live with a disability (PWD) can experience unique financial occupation challenges. Financial education programs can address some challenges. Purpose. The aim of this study was to describe and critically appraise current financial education programs for PWD in Canada. Method. This environmental scan framed by scoping review methods included a critical appraisal of Canadian programs' online content and provider consultations. Researchers used four search methods to identify programs, interviewed service providers from four Canadian programs, and thematically analyzed interview transcripts. Findings. Researchers identified 134 programs; 50 (37.3%) included services. The online content of only 26 (19%) programs explicitly addressed accessibility; 106 (79%) programs' content was at least college reading level. The qualitative results include three themes: (a) individualized approach, (b) "getting the word out", and (c) service growth. Implications. There are financial education programs specific to PWD in Canada. Accessibility, individualization, advocacy, and development are needed