Systematic review of measurement property evidence for 8 financial management instruments in populations with acquired cognitive impairment

Publication type
Journal article
Engel L, Chui A, Beaton DE, Green RE, Dawson DR
Date published
2018 Mar 01
Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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OBJECTIVES: To critically appraise the measurement property evidence (ie, psychometric) for 8 observation-based financial management assessment instruments. DATA SOURCES: Seven databases were searched in May 2015. STUDY SELECTION: Two reviewers used an independent decision-agreement process to select studies of measurement property evidence relevant to populations with adulthood acquired cognitive impairment, appraise the quality of the evidence, and extract data. Twenty-one articles were selected. DATA EXTRACTION: This review used the COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement Instruments review guidelines and 4-point tool to appraise evidence. After appraising the methodologic quality, the adequacy of results and volume of evidence per instrument were synthesized. Measurement property evidence with high risk of bias was excluded from the synthesis. DATA SYNTHESIS: The volume of measurement property evidence per instrument is low; most instruments had 1 to 3 included studies. Many included studies had poor methodologic quality per measurement property evidence area examined. Six of the 8 instruments reviewed had supporting construct validity/hypothesis-testing evidence of fair methodologic quality. There is a dearth of acceptable quality content validity, reliability, and responsiveness evidence for all 8 instruments. CONCLUSIONS: Rehabilitation practitioners assess financial management functions in adults with acquired cognitive impairments. However, there is limited published evidence to support using any of the reviewed instruments. Practitioners should exercise caution when interpreting the results of these instruments. This review highlights the importance of appraising the quality of measurement property evidence before examining the adequacy of the results and synthesizing the evidence