At Work 91 (Winter 2018)

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Newcomers often lack OHS protection and information in their precarious first jobs

They face difficulty finding work, due to language barriers, foreign credentials or lack of Canadian experience. Their first jobs are precarious, sometimes unpaid. To top it off, they receive next to no training on OHS and employment standards issues, as a new IWH study has found.

Studies consistent in finding a link between opioids for MSDs and longer work disability

A systematic review on early opioid prescription for MSDs and work disability finds a consistent link with longer work disability. However, review authors urge caution in drawing a conclusion about cause and effect.
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National conference on disability and work offered sweeping overview of complex issues

A three-day conference co-hosted by the Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy in November 2017 brought together injured workers, people with disabilities and representatives of diverse stakeholder groups. The barriers they identified to greater inclusion in the labour market were many.
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Family members play important but unacknowledged role in injury aftermath

When someone gets injured, family members often rally to help with chores, shoulder the child- or elder-care burden and cope with the financial impact. The support family members provide in the aftermath of an injury runs the gamut and needs to be acknowledged, according to a study in Australia.
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Examining forepersons’ safety leadership and other indicators of safety climate

What are the indicators that a construction jobsite has a positive safety climate? In the 2017 Nachemson lecture, Dr. Linda Goldenhar shares the research and practical tools developed at CPWR—The Center for Construction Research and Training.
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IWH Updates

Institute for Work & Health welcomes new member to the KTE Advisory Committee ~ IWH awarded one of 14 CIHR grants examining the effects of cannabis on society