Hyunmi Lee

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Hyunmi Lee is a research associate at the Institute for Work & Health. She joined the Institute in 2000 in the Data and Information Systems Program after completing her MSc in biostatistics from Queen’s University.

Since then, she has worked on many projects dealing with various secondary data, including workers' compensation claims data, public health-care plan billing data, drug prescription data and more. She works with this data to analyze patterns in claims, health-care utilization and costs. She also worked on several projects involving primary data from the Ontario-based readiness-to-return-to-work cohort.

Lee is currently working with Dr. Lynda Robson to evaluate the effect of Ontario's working-at-heights training program standard that was introduced in 2015. She is also involved on a project looking at opioid use among low-back pain claimants, working with Dr. Nancy Carnide and Dr. Sheilah Hogg-Johnson.

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