Dr. Sandra Brouwer

Professor, Department of Health Sciences
University Medical Center Groningen

Dr. Sandra Brouwer is a tenured professor of occupational medicine in the Department of Health Sciences at the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands. Her focus within the department is on the labour market participation of people with chronic diseases. Brouwer also coordinates two academic collaborative centers in insurance medicine, serves as a member of the Program Board of the National Research Center for Insurance Medicine, and serves as a member of Cochrane Insurance Medicine.

Brouwer obtained her MSc and PhD from the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. Her PhD work focused on measuring work-related limitations in patients with chronic low-back pain. As a post-doctoral researcher and assistant professor, she worked on several projects regarding chronic diseases and work participation. She was a member of the local organizing committee of the International Scientific Conference on Behavioral Medicine (2014) and the International Scientific Conference on Work Disability Prevention and Integration (2012).

Brouwer's research focuses on workers with ill health and the impact of health on work. It includes observational and intervention studies, and studies using large datasets. She has broad experience with interdisciplinary collaboration.

Photo of Sandra Brouwer