RTW in policing: time to ACT

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Published: October 2022

by: Van Eerd D

Little scientific evidence is available on return-to-work (RTW) practices, challenges and solutions in police services. An Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research team set out to help fill this gap in a study examining RTW in policing following both physical and psychological injuries. The research team found that challenges in RTW within police services are linked to three key RTW themes: accommodation, communication and trust-building, all situated within the culture and context of policing.

This four-page summary outlines these challenges and ways to address them, as found in the research. It also includes deidentified quotes from people interviewed for the study that represent the themes found throughout the study.

This resource is intended for members, both sworn and civilian, in Ontario’s police services. Its content is relevant to injured workers and those supporting them in the RTW process, such as supervisors, HR professionals, association representatives, etc. This resource can also be used in training or at any point in the RTW process to help guide practices and procedures.