What gets measured gets done: the Healthy Workplace Balanced Scorecard

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Published: January 2000

by: Brooker AS, Cole DC, Eakin J, Kerr MS, Robson LS, Severin C, Shannon HS

This special report, published in 2000, highlights the Institute’s Healthy Workplace Balanced Scorecard project. The scorecard was in the pilot stage of its development, and there was a high level of anticipation from workplaces. This report on the scorecard was in response to that growing interest, and highlighted that “what gets measured, gets done." Tracking a balanced set of key “healthy workplace” indicators can help improve your workplace’s health and safety.

Improving the health and safety of employees and creating a healthy workplace can make good financial sense. Decreased absenteeism, and more satisfied employees may enhance individual and organizational performance. One way to ensure that health and safety gets the attention it requires is to measure upstream health and safety indicators.