Participative Ergonomic Blueprint

Page from the Participatory Ergonomic Blueprint that includes a diagram of the process
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Published: January 2003

Are you interested in preventing musculoskeletal disorders in workers? Then consider using a participatory ergonomics (PE) program. Evidence shows that PE programs, which involve workers in building safer workplaces, can help prevent MSDs.

The Participative Ergonomic Blueprint, developed by the University of Waterloo and the Institute for Work & Health, is a facilitator’s guide to implementing a successful participatory ergonomics program as part of an organization’s health and safety program. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to set up a PE program.

Who should use the guide

The PE Blueprint can be used by workplace health and safety specialists, ergonomists, health and safety association (HSA) consultants and others with some ergonomics expertise to develop a workplace-based PE program. The PE Blueprint guides users through every step, including establishing management support, setting up a participative ergonomic change team, initiating basic training in ergonomics, tackling the root causes of poor ergonomics, and establishing the organizational structure needed within the health and safety process.