Prevention is the Best Medicine: A toolkit for teaching newcomers

Published: January 2011

Prevention is the Best Medicine is designed to help settlement agencies and others teach newcomers about their occupational health and safety (OHS) and workers' compensation rights and responsibilities in one of two jurisdictions: Ontario or Manitoba. 

The toolkit contains everything needed to deliver instructional sessions on these two separate, but related, topics within Ontario or Manitoba, including sample lesson plans, slide show presentations for workshop leaders, and handouts for participating newcomers.

Please note that Prevention is the Best Medicine is currently being revised to reflect legislative changes that have come into effect since the tool was first published in 2011. Watch for the new version, to be named Safe Work Toolkit for Newcomers, sometime in the late summer/early fall of 2019.

Who should use the toolkit

Staff or volunteers at settlement agencies in Ontario or Manitoba can use the toolkit to incorporate information about workplace health and safety and workers’ compensation into classes for newcomers enrolled in English-language or employment-preparation programs. It can also be used to teach recent immigrants who are already in the workforce. Designed for a classroom setting, the toolkit consists of modular pieces that instructors can adapt to their classroom needs. 

The toolkit includes 11 parts in three sections:

  1. General
    • How to use this toolkit
    • Advice for workshop leaders on handling challenging issues 
    • Glossary for learners
  2. Occupational health and safety (OHS)
    • OHS fact sheet/handout for learners 
    • OHS guide for workshop leaders: Sample lesson plan to accompany fact sheet
    • OHS slide show presentation for workshop leaders 
    • OHS slide show presentation, with notes 
  3. Workers' compensation (WC)
    • Workers' compensation fact sheet/handout for learners
    • Workers' compensation guide for workshop leaders: Sample lesson plan to accompany fact sheet
    • Workers' compensation slide show presentation for workshop leaders
    • Workers' compensation slide show, with notes

Users in Ontario can download the full toolkit from this site (.zip file). The handouts for learners are also available to download separately. 

Users in Manitoba can download the toolkit from the site of the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.