At Work 90 (Fall 2017)

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The back of a cook in a restaurant kitchen

Standing too long at work carries twice the risk of heart disease as sitting too long

There has been a lot of interest in recent years in the health risks of prolonged sitting. But a study by IWH and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences suggests you might spare a thought for people in jobs that mostly involve standing (e.g. cooks, tellers, cashiers).
Two female servers at a restaurant bar

Study on prolonged standing and heart disease: Setting the record straight

An IWH research team tackles three common misconceptions about the implications of IWH's prolonged standing study.
An elderly patient lying in bed

Study update: New cases of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer from one year cost $2.35B

What's the economic burden of mesothelioma and lung cancers due to work-related asbestos? An IWH team calculated the costs from just one year's worth of such cases.
Four jars of marijuana of different strains

Many questions need examining to establish effects of legalized cannabis on work safety

Workplaces have many questions about what the legalization of recreational marijuana may mean for safety on the job. In a Q&A, two co-authors of a pending systematic review outline what we know—and don't—based on the research to date.
A young woman rests her head in her palm, eyes closed

Young adults with chronic conditions often struggle to access workplace supports

Young people with arthritis have the same accommodation needs as their older counterparts. But they face a few distinct barriers accessing those workplace supports. Find out why.
A woman with disability works in a bakery

Workers with disabilities report greater hazard exposure and lower protection

Research elsewhere has shown that people with disabilities have a tough time getting hired. A new study at IWH now suggests we should also worry about those who do find jobs. Learn why.
NEWS is spelled out in scrabble pieces that are sitting on top of a stack of newspapers

IWH Updates

Dr. Monica Bienefeld joins IWH as new director of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange ~ Institute’s 2016 Annual Report highlights stories of workplace change ~ IWH’s plenary series gets a new name in 2018