The Mustard Fellowship 2006-2008: Subgrouping of workers on disability benefits due to low back pain

Institute for Work & Health
481 University Avenue, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Ivan Steenstra
Institute for Work & Health

Ivan Steenstra is an epidemiologist and kinesiologist working at the Institute for Work & Health. He was the Mustard Postdoctoral fellow from 2006-2008. In this presentation he will provide an overview of the work he has done during that period on sub-grouping of workers on disability/sick leave due to low back pain.

Steenstra will present the results of a validation study of the model by Shaw et al that tries to link worker and workplace characteristics to appropriate intervention. He will also present the results of an analysis that examines which workers benefit most from a workplace intervention as studied in the Amsterdam Sherbrooke Evaluation study. Future plans to study prediction of duration of work disability will be discussed briefly.

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