Working with a chronic illness: Making work changes, coping and disclosure of arthritis in the workplace

Institute for Work & Health
481 University Avenue, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Monique Gignac
Toronto Western Research Institute

Considerable evidence links chronic physically disabling diseases like arthritis to loss of employment. However, until recently, few studies have focused on the employment experiences of these individuals.

In this presentation, Dr. Monique Gignac, a senior scientist with the Division of Health Care and Outcomes Research and a research investigator with the Arthritis Community Research and Evaluation Unit at the Toronto Western Research Institute, will present findings on psychosocial aspects of living and working with arthritis.

Specifically, she will shed light on the decision to self-disclose one’s health condition to employers and co-workers, unique sources of workplace stress for people living with a chronic illness, and work changes and transitions that may subsequently signal impending difficulties with remaining employed.

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