How to make occupational health and safety training more effective: Findings from a field trial

Institute for Work & Health
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Toronto, Ontario

Ben Amick
Institute for Work & Health

In a recent quasi-experimental field trial, an Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research team compared the impact of in-person office ergonomics training with e-learning office ergonomics training. Both training programs took the same amount of time and delivered the same content.

For each type of training, workers were further split into two groups. One group was given enhanced training—i.e. supervisor coaching and in-person follow-up—while the other group was not. A fifth comparison group was given no training and was included to ensure any observed changes in the other four groups could be attributed to the training and not to other factors.

In this plenary, the IWH’s Dr. Ben Amick, the lead researcher on this project, presents the findings of the 12-month trial, including which form of training had the greatest impact on worker knowledge, attitudes and behaviour with respect to office ergonomics.

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