Evaluating the effectiveness of distance learning in delivering Ontario's JHSC certification training

Reasons for the study

In responding to a number of recommendations to strengthen research investments in occupational health and safety, the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) has made building and using the best evidence a priority objective in the Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 2021-2026. The goal of this project is to support the implementation of this priority objective by measuring the relative effectiveness of three different modes of delivering training: in-class, distance and e-learning. The project is rigorously measuring learning outcomes among Ontario workers taking Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification (Part 1) training delivered by three of the province's health and safety associations (HSAs).

Objectives of the study

  • Review the evidence on the relative effectiveness of real-time online learning for occupational purposes
  • Use surveys to measure the JHSC-relevant knowledge of Ontario workers before and after they take JHSC Certification (Part 1) training
  • Analyze survey data to determine whether in-class, distance and e-learning training differ in their impact on JHSC-relevant knowledge and other learning outcomes
  • Provide evaluation evidence that will allow for continuous improvement of certification training

Target audience

The results will provide evidence to the MLTSD, HSAs, HSA-based training providers, private-sector training providers, employers, workers, JHSC members and OHS professionals about the effectiveness of various modes of training delivery.

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Research team

Collaborators and partners

Prevention Office, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
Public Services Health & Safety Association
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Funded by

Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development