Strategies to ensure young persons with disabilities are included in the future of work

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Published: May 2022

by: Jetha A, Nasir K

Researchers at the Institute for Work & Health are looking for concrete ways to ensure youth and young adults with disabilities are included in the future of work. In the summer of 2021, a research team conducted an online survey with a wide range of people across Canada. The survey asked about the potential effects of trends on the working lives of young people with disabilities and ways to ensure these young people can find and keep employment in the decades ahead.

Results from the first survey identified specific ideas that can be implemented by governments, educational institutions and community groups to address the future of work for young people with disabilities. This report summarizes six key areas in the future of work that survey participants indicated could both pose difficulties and offer opportunities to young people with disabilities. The report also presents the solutions that participants suggested to address the barriers and take advantage of the opportunities.