Scientific reports

Scientific reports are Institute for Work & Health (IWH) project-based reports for funders and interested stakeholders. Written by research teams that are led by or include an IWH scientist, the reports generally include the context and rationale for the study, how it was conducted (i.e. methodology) and its findings, followed by a discussion and, if applicable, recommendations. These reports are not peer-reviewed, although they often form the basis of peer-reviewed journal articles that are later published.

Preventing injury, illness and disability at work: what works and how do we know?

Frank JW, Cullen KL, Breslin FC, Cole DC, Cote P, Franche RL, Mustard C, Reardon R, Shannon HS, Sinclair S
After several decades of concentrated effort by researchers, policy-makers and employers, the decline in rates of workplace injuries is decelerating and long absences from work persist after injury. This paper is intended to initiate a dialogue about prevention among all those who are interested in making Ontario workplaces safer and healthier by building a framework for further discussion and activity.

What gets measured gets done: the Healthy Workplace Balanced Scorecard

Brooker AS, Cole DC, Eakin J, Kerr MS, Robson LS, Severin C, Shannon HS
This special report, published in 2000, highlights the Institute’s Healthy Workplace Balanced Scorecard project. The scorecard was in the pilot stage of its development, and there was a high level of anticipation from workplaces. This report on the scorecard was in response to that growing interest, and highlighted that “what gets measured, gets done."