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Twenty-year look-back by former IWH president finds bright spots in prevention system
Launching a research program on AI, work and health
Employers struggle to provide newcomers with OHS training, support: IWH study No. 110, Fall
What research can do: Sector safety group helps members measure OHS with IWH safety culture tool No. 110, Fall
Older workers not prone to ask for employer support, citing ageism and other issues No. 110, Fall
Study of educators during pandemic found psychosocial conditions worse for those teaching online No. 110, Fall
IWH study finds 7 in 10 injured workers still experience pain more than a year after injury No. 110, Fall
IWH model influences other research orgs’ approach to measuring impact No. 109, Summer
New initiative ‘skills up’ employers to hire, promote, support workers with disabilities No. 109, Summer
Grant round-up: Exploring the impact of AI, recovery and work after COVID, and more No. 109, Summer
IWH estimates point to positive return on OHS investment in three Ontario sectors No. 109, Summer
Workers doing vigorous, tiring activity all day no healthier than those who are least active No. 109, Summer
IWH input contributes to enhancement of WSIB’s Health and Safety Index No. 108, Spring
Widely used survey lacks ability to tell apart 13 distinct psychosocial work factors No. 108, Spring
Review synthesizes differences between men, women in injury risks and outcomes No. 108, Spring
How government funding can best support the employment of persons with disabilities No. 108, Spring
Cannabis use linked to higher injury risk, but only among those who use at or before work No. 108, Spring
Poor interactions with case managers linked with risk of mental illness later on No. 107, Winter
Over a third of work-related ER visits in Ontario don’t show up as WSIB claims No. 107, Winter
What research can do: IWH safety culture tool used in WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program No. 107, Winter
IWH study finds psychosocial work stressors lead to burnout, but not vice versa No. 107, Winter
Q&A: New IWH president talks about his role, how he got here, and plans for the years ahead No. 107, Winter
What research can do: Scanning how OHS authorities responded to the pandemic No. 106, Fall
Study probes factors behind poorer health, lower employment in injured workers’ post-claim experience No. 106, Fall
In most sectors, workplaces saw lower COVID transmission rates than in the community No. 106, Fall