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How government funding can best support the employment of persons with disabilities
Cannabis use linked to higher injury risk, but only among those who use at or before work
What research can do: IWH safety culture tool used in WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program No. 107, Winter
Poor interactions with case managers linked with risk of mental illness later on No. 107, Winter
Over a third of work-related ER visits in Ontario don’t show up as WSIB claims No. 107, Winter
IWH study finds psychosocial work stressors lead to burnout, but not vice versa No. 107, Winter
Q&A: New IWH president talks about his role, how he got here, and plans for the years ahead No. 107, Winter
What research can do: Scanning how OHS authorities responded to the pandemic No. 106, Fall
Study probes factors behind poorer health, lower employment in injured workers’ post-claim experience No. 106, Fall
In most sectors, workplaces saw lower COVID transmission rates than in the community No. 106, Fall
For a segment of the workforce, psychosocial working conditions are poor across the board No. 106, Fall
What’s connecting the global OHS community? Five things heard at the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work No. 106, Fall
Unemployment benefits linked to lower mortality rates over 10 years: IWH study No. 106, Fall
What research can do: Partnering on a tool to estimate occupational risks of COVID No. 105, Summer
Inadequate employment standards, OHS vulnerability add to higher injury risks No. 105, Summer
Grant round-up: A selection of new studies supported by external grants in 2020-21 No. 105, Summer
Emerging evidence points to negative health effects of physical work demands No. 105, Summer
COVID worries highest among workers with both physical, mental health disabilities No. 105, Summer
IWH hosts new program to mentor Ontario’s frontline doctors in occupational medicine No. 105, Summer
What research can do: COVID-related research from IWH: findings to watch for No. 104, Spring
Claim suppression study in B.C. finds under-claiming of work injury to be common No. 104, Spring
Education, type of work lessen pandemic job loss in youths with rheumatic diseases No. 104, Spring
Weaker OHS procedures, policies explain small employers’ higher injury risks: study No. 104, Spring
Costs of providing UV ray protection at job sites outweighed by averted skin cancers No. 104, Spring
Nine trends that will likely shape future of work for groups of vulnerable workers No. 104, Spring