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Lancet series calls for greater attention to work as social determinant of health
Safer work practices, lower injury rates maintained two years after Ontario’s working-at-heights training came into effect: study
What is the impact of depression on years of employment among working-age adults? No. 113, Summer
Police service members face challenges with accommodation, communication and trust when returning to work after an injury No. 113, Summer
What research can do: Following reports by IWH and others, B.C. strengthens protections against claim suppression No. 113, Summer
IWH researchers create roadmap for AI research that prioritizes worker health No. 113, Summer
Telementoring program helps doctors and other frontline health-care providers handle challenging return-to-work cases No. 113, Summer
What research can do: Tell us your stories about using IWH research No. 112, Spring
IWH’s new strategic plan aims to strengthen work and health research in an ever-changing society No. 112, Spring
New social innovation lab launched to build employer disability confidence No. 112, Spring
Three future of work scenarios to help develop inclusion strategies for young people with disabilities No. 112, Spring
Canadians with disabilities twice as likely to report low quality employment than those without disabilities No. 112, Spring
IWH launches tool to help workers with chronic conditions find job-tailored accommodations No. 112, Spring
What research can do: Manitoba’s WCB uses IWH research in update of RTW workshop No. 111, Winter
IWH tool comes out ahead in Australian study of OHS leading indicator tools No. 111, Winter
One in four young adults in the U.S. have poor mental health—and the lowest earnings among their peers No. 111, Winter
Twenty-year look-back by former IWH president finds bright spots in prevention system No. 111, Winter
Launching a research program on AI, work and health No. 111, Winter
Employers struggle to provide newcomers with OHS training, support: IWH study No. 110, Fall
What research can do: Sector safety group helps members measure OHS with IWH safety culture tool No. 110, Fall
Older workers not prone to ask for employer support, citing ageism and other issues No. 110, Fall
Study of educators during pandemic found psychosocial conditions worse for those teaching online No. 110, Fall
IWH study finds 7 in 10 injured workers still experience pain more than a year after injury No. 110, Fall
IWH model influences other research orgs’ approach to measuring impact No. 109, Summer
New initiative ‘skills up’ employers to hire, promote, support workers with disabilities No. 109, Summer