Evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of the Ontario working-at-heights training standard: final report

Cover of report

Published: February 2019

by: Robson LS, Mustard C

In April 2015, regulations under Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act came into effect requiring employers in the province's construction sector to ensure workers on construction projects who worked at heights successfully complete a working-at-heights (WAH) training program by October 1, 2017. The WAH training program standard required workers to complete a basic theory module of at least three hours in length and a practical module of at least three-and-a-half hours in length. The program and the training providers delivering the program were approved by the Ministry of Labour's Chief Prevention Officer.

The Institute for Work & Health was called upon to evaluate this mandatory WAH training program, with two overarching questions in mind:

  • To what extent did the WAH training reach the target population?
  • What impact did the introduction of the WAH training requirements have on fall prevention on Ontario's construction projects?

This 200-page report shares the complete findings from that evaluation.