Plain-language summaries

research highlights

Research Highlights

Research Highlights is an easy-to-read, lay-audience summary of a study led by a scientist from the Institute for Work & Health (or includes an Institute scientist on its research team) that has been published in a respected, peer-reviewed journal. Each research summary explains why the study was done, how it was done, what the researchers found and the implications of the study, where applicable. 

sharing best evidence

Sharing Best Evidence

Sharing Best Evidence provides a quick overview of what the research says on a specific issue or question facing stakeholders in occupational health and safety, workplace disability management and related fields. The information in each issue comes from the findings of a systematic review conducted according to the methods developed by the Institute for Work & Health’s Systematic Review Program. 

issue briefing

Issue Briefing

An Issue Briefing summarizes, in plain language, research findings from the Institute for Work & Health and elsewhere on topics that are of particular interest to policy-makers. Each issue gives readers a quick overview of key findings from the research and, where appropriate, explores their policy implications. While these briefings do not attempt to be systematic or comprehensive in their review of the relevant literature, they do pay attention to the quality of the research.

5 things we think you should know

5 Things We Think You Should Know

These handouts, created annually, outline five recent Institute for Work & Health research findings that we think can make a difference to workplace injury and disability prevention programs. These handouts can be used by work groups or joint health and safety committees as a starting point for discussions on ways to incorporate evidence into workplace programs.