Project directory

The project directory includes Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research studies that were initiated in 2015 onward (as well as a few large studies that were ongoing in 2015). The directory also includes studies conducted under IWH’s Systematic Review Program since it began in 2005. For information on Institute studies initiated before 2015, see our Accomplishments Reports. Studies are either ongoing or completed. Ongoing studies are listed in alphabetical order. Completed studies are listed by year of completion, beginning with the most recently completed.

Project title Status

Cannabis and workplace fatalities: establishing a baseline in Ontario

Research team: Nancy Carnide (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Momtaz Begum, Andrea Furlan, Cameron Mustard, Kay Nasir, Lily Fang, Nikhil Rajaram, Melissa Smith


Developing approaches to measuring the dimensions of gender and their relationship to health outcomes

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Momtaz Begum, Monique Gignac, Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet, Greta Bauer


Enhancing Ontario labour force denominator information

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Qing Liao, Faraz Vahid Shahidi


Examining sex/gender differences in exposures to workplace-acquired communicable disease: a systematic review

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Emma Irvin, Heather Johnston, Peter Smith, Mieke Koehoorn, Annalee Yassi


Exploring where Canadians work and live and their association with active transportation

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Stephanie Prince Ware (PI), Justin Lang, Paul Villeneuve


Future-proofing young Canadians with disabilities for the changing labour market

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Kay Nasir, Ali Shamaee, Peter Smith, Emile Tompa


Intelligent machines and human worker inequities: examining the implications of AI in the workplace

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Hela Bakhtari, Aviroop Biswas, Monique Gignac, Emma Irvin, Peter Smith, Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Silvia Bonaccio, Jack Dennerlein, Marc Frenette, Marlène Koffi, Peter Loewen, Naimul Mefraz Khan, Laura Rosella, Brendan Smith, Maxwell Smith, Nicole Wu, Daniyal Zuberi


Occupational injury risks in Ontario

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Aviroop Biswas, Victoria Landsman, Cameron Mustard, Lynda Robson, Faraz Vahid Shahidi


Opioid-related harms among Ontario workers: a surveillance tool

Research team: Nancy Carnide (PI), Paul Demers (PI), Nathan Debono, Andrea Furlan, Sara Macdonald


TIE-C-MI: Trajectories of Income and Employment of Canadians with Mental Illness

Research team: Kathleen Dobson (PI), Monique Gignac, Simon Vigod, Claire de Oliveira, Mark Ferro, Rubab Arim


Toking 9 to 5: Workplace cannabis use and perceptions among Canadian workers

Research team: Nancy Carnide (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Andrea Furlan, Michael Frone, Shawna Meister, Amy Porath-Waller, Kim Slade


Trends in the severity of work-related injury in Ontario

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Cameron Mustard (PI), Victoria Landsman, Peter Smith


Understanding the activity patterns of Canadians at work and outside of work, and their association with overall health

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Cameron Mustard, Peter Smith, Stephanie Prince Ware


Understanding the injury experience of Ontario small businesses through workers’ compensation claims data

Research team: Lynda Robson (PI), Cameron Mustard, Peter Smith


Understanding the role of parental employment quality in child mental health

Research team: Faraz Vahid Shahidi (PI), Anne Fuller (PI), Kathy Georgiades, Jinette Comeau, Arjumand Siddiqi, Gita Wahi, Andrew Pinto


Using decision-tree machine learning to identify worker movement typologies

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Kathleen Dobson, Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Peter Smith, Stephanie Prince, Daniel Fuller


Do work exposures and their effects differ for men and women? A systematic review

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Peter Smith, Emma Irvin, Mieke Koehoorn

Completed 2022

Evaluating prevention strategies to reduce the risk of work-related cancers in Ontario’s construction sector

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Young Jung, Amir Mofidi

Completed 2021

Improving information on the incidence of work-related injuries and illnesses in Ontario

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Aviroop Biswas, Victoria Landsman, Peter Smith

Completed 2021

Assessing the human and economic burden of workplace cancer in Canada

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Amir Mofidi

Completed 2020

Central nervous system agents and the risk of workplace injury and death: a systematic review

Research team: Nancy Carnide (PI), Andrea Furlan (PI), Kim Cullen, Emma Irvin, Quenby Mahood, Christopher McLeod, Dwayne Van Eerd, Paul Farnan, Gary Franklin, Launette Rieb, Peter Rothfels

Completed 2019

Costs of work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths in the European Union

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Amir Mofidi, Young Jung

Completed 2019

Extended working life and its interaction with health, wellbeing and quality of life: a multi-country initiative (THRIVE)

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Emile Tompa

Completed 2019

Developing an evidence base on sex/gender differences in the relationship between working conditions and injury risk, chronic illnesses and return to work

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Cameron Mustard, Chantal Brisson, Rick Glazier

Completed 2018

Understanding the relationship between osteoarthritis and work: a systematic review

Research team: Monique Gignac (PI), Emma Irvin (PI), Kim Cullen, Dorcas Beaton, Quenby Mahood, Dwayne Van Eerd, Catherine Backman, Christopher McLeod

Completed 2018