Project directory

The project directory includes Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research studies that were initiated in 2015 onward (as well as a few large studies that were ongoing in 2015). The directory also includes studies conducted under IWH’s Systematic Review Program since it began in 2005. For information on Institute studies initiated before 2015, see our Accomplishments Reports. Studies are either ongoing or completed. Ongoing studies are listed in alphabetical order. Completed studies are listed by year of completion, beginning with the most recently completed.

Project title Status

Artificial intelligence and occupational injury and illness in Ontario: implications for prevention and recovery

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Hela Bakhtari, Aviroop Biswas, Cameron Mustard, Kay Nasir, Peter Smith, Sabrina Tonima, Victoria Arrandale, Jack Dennerlein, Maxwell Smith


Champions as social agents of change: what can we learn from worker well-being initiatives?

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Monique Gignac, Arif Jetha, Lynda Robson, Basak Yanar, Sabrina Tonima, Amna Qureshi


Creating safe workplaces for newcomers

Research team: Basak Yanar (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Edda Bild, Pam Cardwell, Stephanie Premji, Dwayne Van Eerd


Evaluating the effectiveness of distance learning in delivering Ontario's JHSC certification training

Research team: Lynda Robson (PI), Cameron Mustard (PI), Aviroop Biswas, Victoria Landsman, Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Peter Smith


Evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of Ontario’s working-at-heights training standard

Research team: Lynda Robson (PI), Ben Amick, Cameron Mustard, Peter Smith, Victoria Landsman


Occupational injury risks in Ontario

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Aviroop Biswas, Victoria Landsman, Cameron Mustard, Lynda Robson, Faraz Vahid Shahidi


Programs of early OHS intervention with small businesses

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Emma Irvin, Morgane Le Pouésard, Lynda Robson, Basak Yanar


Toking 9 to 5: Workplace cannabis use and perceptions among Canadian workers

Research team: Nancy Carnide (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Andrea Furlan, Michael Frone, Shawna Meister, Amy Porath-Waller, Kim Slade


Understanding OHS motivations and needs in small business

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Basak Yanar (PI)


Estimating the financial benefits of OHS prevention expenditures: a study of Ontario employers

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Emile Tompa, Basak Yanar

Completed 2022

Evaluating prevention strategies to reduce the risk of work-related cancers in Ontario’s construction sector

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Young Jung, Amir Mofidi

Completed 2021

Developing recommendations for an integrated approach to workplace health protection and health promotion

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Momtaz Begum, Monique Gignac, Peter Smith, Dwayne Van Eerd

Completed 2020

MSD prevention: a practical implementation guide for Newfoundland and Labrador

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Emma Irvin (PI), Siobhan Cardoso, Maggie Tiong

Completed 2020

Occupational health and safety performance in Ontario's unionized construction sector

Research team: Lynda Robson (PI), Cameron Mustard (PI), Victoria Landsman, Desiree Latour-Villamil, Hyunmi Lee

Completed 2020

Evaluating the implementation of a participatory organizational change intervention in long-term care

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Ben Amick, Kim Cullen, Teresa D'Elia, Era Mae Ferron, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Cameron Mustard, Lynda Robson, Ivan Steenstra, Henrietta Van Hulle, Richard Wells

Completed 2019

Identifying relevant OHS leading indicators in Manitoba's construction sector

Research team: Ben Amick (PI), Dwayne Van Eerd, Jonathan Fan, Sara Macdonald, Christopher McLeod, Colette Severin, Mike Jones (PI)

Completed 2019

Evaluating the impact of mandatory awareness training on occupational health and safety vulnerability in Ontario

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Curtis Breslin, Morgan Lay, Ron Saunders, Emile Tompa, Anthony LaMontagne

Completed 2018

IWH Organizational Performance Metric: Developing and evaluating a simple workplace OHS tool

Research team: Ben Amick (PI), Lynda Robson (PI), Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Peter Smith, Michael Swift, Sabrina Tonima, Karen Turner, Dwayne Van Eerd, Basak Yanar

Completed 2018

Addressing literacy and numeracy gaps among workers in an OHS training program: a pilot study

Research team: Ron Saunders (PI), Curtis Breslin, Siobhan Cardoso, Morgane Le Pouésard, Karen Myers

Completed 2017

Determinants of health and safety in unionized and non-unionized firms in Ontario’s construction sector

Research team: Ben Amick (PI), Sheilah Hogg-Johnson (PI), Desiree Latour-Villamil, Ron Saunders, Paul Demers, Christopher McLeod

Completed 2017

Employer investments in occupational health and safety: establishing benchmarks for Ontario

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Sabrina Imam, Morgan Lay, Kay Nasir, Emile Tompa

Completed 2017

Evaluating an internal responsibility system audit tool for Ontario’s mining sector

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Victoria Landsman, Lynda Robson

Completed 2017

Implementation of workplace violence legislation in Ontario hospitals

Research team: Agnieszka Kosny (PI), Era Mae Ferron, Monique Gignac, Cameron Mustard, Lynda Robson, Sabrina Tonima, Andrea Chambers

Completed 2017

Synthesizing and tailoring OHS knowledge for use in specific provincial and local contexts

Research team: Emma Irvin (PI), Stephen Bornstein (PI), Kim Cullen, Ron Saunders, Dwayne Van Eerd, Amanda Butt, Leslie Johnson, Steve Passmore

Completed 2017

Breakthrough change: understanding why and how workplaces make large improvements in OHS performance

Research team: Lynda Robson (PI), Ben Amick, Siobhan Cardoso, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Cindy Moser, Kathy Padkapayeva, Michael Swift, Harriet South, Emile Tompa, Elizabeth Mansfield, Mark Pagell, Harry Shannon

Completed 2016